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Zita West
New Enquiries: 0207 224 0017 Existing Clients: 0207 224 0017
UK's No 1 for preconception planning, natural fertility, assisted fertility, pregnancy coaching and post-natal support.

Client Pathway

Making an appointment


If you would like to make an appointment, please call our Reception on 0207 224 0017 or complete contact form, and we'll call or email you to fix an appropriate appointment instead. Whichever route you choose, you will be sent a comprehensive Clinical Questionnaire (either by email or post - your choice) which we ask you to complete and send back to us prior to your appointment.

Your appointment choices


Trying naturally?

  • If you simply want to have an idea of what your fertility potential is (what we call, a Fertility MOT) or

  • if you have just decided to try for a baby and want to make sure you are in the best possible shape before you start (always a good idea), or

  • if you feel that you have been trying to conceive naturally for some time without success and want some help in deciding what to do next

then we recommend that you have an initial consultation with one of our fertility nurse/midwife specialists – Zita West, Anita O Neill or Jane Knight -  as a first step. A full fertility assessment and plan of action will be discussed at this appointment. For many, this will be the only appointment you'll need to get a clear picture of where you are and what you ought to do. For others, we may think some additional tests and investigations are necessary. Or we might suggest a nutritional and lifestyle assessment, some fertility awareness training, or a complementary therapy or two that might help. Every one of our clients is different, so our advice is always individualised too. Whatever we recommend you can, of course, choose to do as much, or as little, with us as you wish.


Considering IVF or assisted fertility treatments or have had IVF before?

Because we are determined to help all our clients to get pregnant naturally - if that's what you want to do and it seems at all possible or sensible to try - we would usually recommend that every couple who are new to the Clinic should start with an initial assessment with Zita, Anita or Jane. However, if you have already had an IVF cycle or cycles at another clinic, or if you are pretty sure that assisted fertility treatment of some type is what you want (for example, on the basis of medical advice you have received elsewhere), then a consultation with one of our Specialist Fertility Doctors, Mr. George Ndukwe or Dr Carla Rojas, would be your most appropriate first step.

During this consultation you will have a full fertility assessment, and tests and investigations will be discussed and arranged if needed. We may also want to conduct an ultrasound scan on the same day (which is additional to the standard consultation fee). After a detailed discussion with you, an individualised  Treatment Plan will be agreed.

Every couple’s circumstances are different. For some the plan  might be to start assisted fertility treatments straight away, for others we may still advise waiting a while and continuing naturally, though probably in a more focussed and managed way than you might have done to date. This doesn't mean, of course, that we would advise any of our clients to keep trying naturally if that were to compromise their chances of assisted fertility working for them at some later date. For many couples the clock is often ticking and it is clearly sensible to get started with IVF or other assisted fertility treatments straight away.


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