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Zita West
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UK's No 1 for preconception planning, natural fertility, assisted fertility, pregnancy coaching and post-natal support.

Consultations in Rep. Ireland

We are now visiting Dublin and Cork on a regular basis, offering a selection of the preconception planning, fertility trouble-shooting and IVF support services for which our London clinic is famous.

In advance of your planning session or nutritional consultation you will be sent one of our extremely comprehensive questionnaires, which we need you to complete and bring with you when you come to your appointment. The questionnaire is very detailed and it examines you and your partner’s medical and lifestyle history in each of the main areas that are most influential in determining your reproductive health and potential. Click on "Pre-Appointment Questionnaire" from the menu to the right for details of what it covers.

NEXT DUBLIN CLINIC DATES: 26th August (Fully Booked); Wed, 21st October 2015

NEXT CORK CLINIC DATES: 18th September 2015



Your Fertility Consultant - Anita O'Neill

Anita O Neill has been doing clinics in Dublin and Cork for the last four years and patients come to see her from all over the country. Although couples come to see her for a variety of reasons the vast majority simply want an independent expert opinion on where they are at with regards to their fertility, followed by sound advice as to what their next steps should be. The three main groups of women she sees are;

(1) Couples who are trying naturally and want to just make sure that they are ‘ticking all the boxes’. This holistic approach to looking at their fertility might include some education on fertility awareness, nutrition, managing stress and expectations. Once they have a plan to work with so many of these couples get pregnant and we may never see them again.

(2) Couples who have been trying naturally for some time and although their fertility knowledge is very good, they are ‘stuck’ and they do not know what their next steps should be. They want to discuss whether they need assisted fertility and if so what their options are and advice on the best clinics to go to.

(3) Couples who have a history of failed IVF cycles. Even if it’s only one failed cycle these couples want to understand in detail why it might have failed, what their next options are and what they can do to help improve their success in another cycle. They want guidance on what questions to be asking their clinic, what additional tests if any that they should be having. Some couples with recurrent IVF failure or recurrent miscarriage will want to consider reproductive immunology investigations and treatments, an area which The Zita West Clinic specialises in.

Anita often only needs to see couples once and they are sorted but for many couples she is a life line of support, understanding, knowledge and advice during what can be a long and painful fertility journey. The fact that Anita is Irish herself, she has a deep understanding of what it means to be struggling to have a baby in Ireland and knows how best to utilise the systems, service and clinics available in Ireland today.

The consultations we offer include:

The Zita West “Personal Preconception Plan”

Just decided to try for a baby?

This personalised 1 hour planning session is exactly what you and your partner will need to give you and your baby the best possible start. Click on “Personal Preconception Plan” from the menu bar on the right for details.

The Zita West “Maximum Fertility Plan”

Been trying for a while to get pregnant, but without success?

This unique 1 hour diagnostic and planning session is designed to provide valuable information and guidance to help you and your partner boost your levels of fertility and improve your chances of conceiving. Click on “Maximum Fertility Plan” from the menu bar on the right for details.

The Zita West “IVF Support Plan”

Planning an assisted conception?

Get your own personalised “IVF Support Plan” to help you improve your chances of success. Click on “IVF Support Plan” from the menu bar on the right for details.

Zita West “Nutritional Healthchecks”

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are central to the Clinic’s approach to boosting male and female fertility and to preparing properly for conception and pregnancy. Research shows how critical a good diet, full of the right nutrients, can be to your fertility and your pregnancy, as well as the long term health and potential of your baby.

We highly recommend that all couples who can afford it get their nutritional status checked out, particularly if they are having problems conceiving.

Click on “Nutritional Healthcheck” from the menu bar on the right of this page for more information on what the Healthcheck covers.

Please note: We are only able to offer "Nutritional Healthchecks" as telephone or Skype consultations with one of our London based nutritional therapists, for the moment.

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