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Zita West
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UK's No 1 for preconception planning, natural fertility, assisted fertility, pregnancy coaching and post-natal support.



We like to think that no-one knows more about getting pregnant, being pregnant or looking after babies than we do. Our Fertility Clinic in London is the UK's No 1 specialist in all-round reproductive healthcare, with a large and highly experienced team providing expert advice and support on everything from preconception planning to natural fertility coaching and trouble-shooting, to the provision of IVF and IVF support, through to pregnancy coaching and post-natal training. Whatever stage you are at in planning your family, whether you just want to plan ahead (always sensible) or have problems you need to overcome, our doctors, nurses and other specialists (medical and complementary) are here to provide you with as much, or as little, help as you may need, all conveniently under one roof.

And that's not all that makes us different. As well as being medical experts, we're world leaders in body, mind and lifestyle management too and how it can be used to help you and your partner get into the best possible shape to reproduce. Conception, pregnancy and birth are whole-body events, and our uniquely comprehensive approach to preparing for them - that looks at you as a person and not just as a collection of working parts - has been specially developed to help you to conceive successfully and have the best possible pregnancy for you and your baby. 

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Can't make it to our London Fertility Clinic? We offer online and telephone consultations too!

Want to Know How Fertile You Are?

The Zita West Fertility Test Kit is a quick and convenient way to get a reliable heads-up on how easy, or otherwise, it might be for you to get pregnant, now or in the future. This can be very valuable information for proper family planning.

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Just Decided to Try?

We'll make sure that everything is working as it should be, before you start, as well as coach you on how to boost your fertility and improve your pregnancy.

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Finding it Difficult to get Pregnant?

We help hundreds of couples a year to get pregnant naturally, many of whom have tried for months or years before without success.

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Experiencing Recurrent Miscarriage?

Our recurrent miscarriage programme addresses the main factors that influence your body’s ability to maintain a pregnancy through to term.

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Thinking about IVF?

We're famous for the investigative work we do with clients who have tried for a considerable time to get pregnant without success. It's understandable in these circumstances to think about opting for IVF straight away, but too many couples make this decision without fully considering the alternatives first. We can help you make a proper evaluation of your prospects and arm you with the detailed information you'll need to decide what to do next.

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Decided on Assisted Fertility?

We're delighted that we now have our own, ground-breaking, Assisted Fertility Programme to offer too. Designed to be the UK's first truly comprehensive, holistic approach to all aspects of assisted fertility, we're able to provide our clients with everything from monitored cycles, to IUI's as well as IVF and ICSI.

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Interested in Boosting Your Chances of IVF Success?

Whether you choose to have your IVF treatment with us or with another assisted fertility centre, we've years of experience to offer in how to help improve your chances of success.

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If IVF fails

We really understand what a difficult time it can be when a cycle fails. Our post-IVF consultations can help you to decide what you might do next.

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Already Pregnant?

We know so much now about life in the womb and the factors that can influence both mother and baby's health during pregnancy. We'll help you to keep in the best possible reproductive shape throughout your term.

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Just Given Birth?

Our expert team of Zita West midwives are here to guide you through those challenging early weeks and months, with however little or much hands-on advice or telephone support you need.

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