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Zita West
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In our view, preparing properly for IVF or other assisted fertility treatments is just as important and potentially beneficial as if you are trying for a baby naturally. But before we even get to that, the first thing to determine is whether any assisted fertility treatments are needed in the first place! 


Thinking About IVF?

In our experience, many couples who have been trying to get pregnant for a long time can often decide to have IVF or other assisted fertility treatments too soon, when a proper programme of tests and investigations and/or some fertility coaching may have enabled them to conceive naturally. 

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Which is why we usually recommend that clients who are new to the Clinic start with an Initial Consultation with one of our midwife/fertility nurse specialists first. As well as being a thorough assessment of you and your partner's fertility status, the consultation will also provide you with a detailed review of those aspects of your physical, emotional or psychological health that may be impairing your ability to conceive. Which can be used to determine whether assisted fertility is likely to be the most appropriate way forward, and if it is, what other kinds of natural support may also be worthwhile.

If this applies to you - and you might be surprised to know to how many couples it does - then we will always encourage you to consider this first. Even if some medical assistance is needed, this doesn't always mean that IVF would be the most appropriate first step. There are plenty of other, lower level alternatives, such as monitored cycles, ovulation induction or IUI's to consider too.

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Decided on IVF ?

For many, of course, assisted fertility will still prove to be the most sensible way forward. In which case we won't waste any of your valuable time and an Initial Consultation can be arranged straight away with Dr Ndukwe, our Medical Director and assisted fertility specialist. Or, if you'd prefer to consider another IVF centre for any reason, then we can refer you on there for treatment instead.

To book an initial consultation with with Dr Ndukwe use the numbers or link to the contact form above. Or for more information on what's involved, click here.


IVF Support


At which point we can begin to consider what other support might be worthwhile to help boost your chances of success still further. Embarking on IVF can be very demanding and stressful, but if you are supported it's our belief you can get through anything. Our experience has shown that the right physical, nutritional, and emotional support, before and during the treatment, can help to off-set these stresses and strains, enhance your overall well-being and, we believe, significantly improve the chances of success. 

Click here on Nutrition and IVF , Acupuncture and IVF, Hypnotherapy and IVF, or  Counselling and IVF  for details. 


Ideally, we like to see you at least three months before your IVF cycle is due to begin. However, there are still plenty of useful things we can do to help if the interval is shorter.

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