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Zita West
UK's No 1 for preconception planning, natural fertility, assisted fertility, pregnancy coaching and post-natal support.


An Improved Approach to Assisted Fertility


  • Very high pregnancy rates (click here for details)
  • Particularly with couples who have failed with IVF elsewhere (one or more previous cycles)
  • Monitored cycles, ovulation induction, mild and standard IVF and reproductive immunology
  • Highest levels of individualised care. Micro-managed treatment plans designed to maximise your chances of getting pregnant, not streamline our processes
  • Unique, holistic approach, with special emphasis on emotional and psychological well-being as well as diet, nutrition, stress and lifestyle management, all of which can help improve your chances of success
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    Care Quality Commission (March 2014) Inspection Report:

    "People...felt they received the best assisted fertility treatment of any clinic they had used.. (and)..that the level of support shown to them was excellent."

    Care Quality Commission (March 2013) Inspection Report:

    "People we spoke with described the service as "fantastic", "very good" and "excellent." In recent patient feedback people rated the services provided positively and 100% of respondents said they would recommend the clinic to others."

    Assessment, drug therapy and monitoring of all Zita West clients are conducted under the supervision of Mr Ndukwe and Dr Rofena at the Zita West Clinic. All egg collections and embryo transfers are performed by Mr Ndukwe and Dr Rofena at CRM London, Park Lorne, 111 Park Road, St John's Wood, London NW8 7JL, which is licensed by the HFEA and is only a relatively short distance from our clinic. Embryology, donor insemination and the storage of embryos and gametes are also carried out at CRM London.

    What Makes Us Different?

    A Groundbreaking Holistic Programme 

    Our Assisted Fertility Programme has been designed to offer not only the very latest medical treatments and techniques but a more complete, holistic approach to your care as well. Quite unlike anything else you might find elsewhere.

    Our years of experience have shown that, although vital, the purely medical aspects of assisted fertility are only part of a much bigger picture, and that there are many other important factors relating to your lifestyle, nutrition and emotional and psychological health, that also influence your ability to conceive. Factors which, in our experience, are all too often overlooked but which, if properly addressed, can improve your chances of conceiving with assisted fertilty treatment still further. 

    Which is why our assisted fertility programme offers not only the latest medical investigations and tests (click on Fertility MOTs & Ovarian Reserve Tests, Gynaecological Investigations, Male Fertility Assessments, Sexual Infections or Ultrasound Scanning for details of some of the investigative tests we can provide), but a comprehensive approach to preparing you for assisted fertility treatments too, that begins well before your treatment actually starts and then continues throughout your treatment and into the early weeks and months of pregnancy.

    This includes one of our unique diet, nutrition and lifestyle assessments for both partners (included as standard in our IVF and ICSI packages, at no extra cost - click here for details) . We can also offer a whole range of other valuable consultations and natural therapies (see below), all of which are available in house, and which can, if and when they are relevant, be stitched seamlessly into your total plan of care and support, for an additional fee. 

    Our Medical Team 

    We're especially delighted that the Programme is led by the eminent consultant gynaecologist and assisted fertility specialist, Mr George Ndukwe. George has years of experience in assisted fertility and, in particular, in IVF and implantation failure.

    Dr Simone Rofena is also a highly experienced IVF doctor and is working alongside Mr Ndukwe. We believe that the combination of their medical expertise alongside the focus on nutritional, lifestyle and emotional and psychological factors that will be provided by the other members of our team, will give all our clients the best possible chance of conceiving successfully. 

    Our Step-By-Step Approach

    We know that many couples often worry that in going to see an assisted fertility clinic for advice they will end up being led, almost automatically, into IVF treatment. You can be sure that, when you come to us, even if we conclude some medical assistance is needed to help you get pregnant, this won't necessarily mean that we will recommend that IVF would be the most appropriate first step. Our single aim is always to help you to get pregnant with the fewest interventions and in the most natural way possible. Which is why, if assisted fertility treatment is required, we will always thoroughly consider lower level alternatives, such as monitored cycles, ovulation induction or IUI's  (click on the treatments above or see menu on the right for details) before moving on to IVF or ICSI.

    But If IVF Is Needed We Won't Hang Around Either!

    But for many, of course, IVF or ICSI will still prove to be the most sensible way forward. In which case we won't waste any of your valuable time. 

    If, for example, you have already had IVF or ICSI elsewhere, or you are confident that this is the right step for you (perhaps because this has been recommended to you by your GP or another consultant) we can offer the full range of different IVF treatments, from natural or mild IVF, for those who would prefer to try an approach that involves no, or fewer drugs, through to standard IVF and ICSI  for couples who need the extra assistance.

    A High Level of Personal Care   

    We like to think that one of the other things that sets us apart is the extra-high level of personalised care and one-to-one support we offer as well.  Unlike at other IVF centres, where you may see lots of different medical staff, your doctor will take personal charge of every aspect of your time with us, including your in-cycle monitoring and the collection of your eggs and the transfer of your embryos. You'll be assigned your own fertility nurse too, who will be there to support and guide you throughout. We firmly believe that working with a small and consistent team, who are always available to answer any concerns or anxieties you may have, can transform your experience of assisted fertility treatment, as couples who have had to cope with the reverse know only too well.

    Top Class, In-House, Complementary Therapies

    And, of course, we're able to offer an especially wide range of helpful complementary therapies and treatments too. All of which are available in-house and easy to incorporate into your assisted fertility cycle. Women often tell us how much more vital, positive and relaxed they feel when these treatments are incorporated into their cycles. We are firm believers in the extra contribution they can make to your chances of success.

    Click here on Nutrition and IVF , Acupuncture and IVF, Hypnotherapy and IVF, or  Counselling and IVF  for details or select from the menu bar to the top right of this page. 

    Repeated IVF Failure?

    Last, but most certainly not least, we have something particularly special to offer as well for those couples who have already tried IVF unsuccessfully elsewhere.

    Besides being a highly experienced gynaecologist and sub-fertility specialist, Dr Ndukwe is a world-leading authority on identifying and overcoming the causes of repeated implantation failure too. Our advanced programme of treatment in this area includes immune therapy and the very latest laboratory techniques: Array CGH/PGS and PGD.

Services We Offer

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Next Steps? 

If you're unsure of how best to proceed with fertility treatment, we would recommend a consultation with one of our midwife/fertility nurse specialists in the first instance (click here for details of what this covers, or click here to contact us to book an appointment).

However, if you have already had assisted fertility treatment elsewhere or are confident that this is the right step for you, we can arrange for you to see one of our Specialist Fertility Doctors at their first availability (click here for details of what the consultation covers, or here to contact us to book an appointment).


Thinking of Having a Baby on Your Own?

Tue Sept 2nd - 6.30pm

"Zita West Single Motherhood Evening" 

Learn about the factors to consider and the various steps in the process. And how we can help.



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