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Zita West
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Fertility & Ovarian Reserve tests

Over the last three years, home kits to test male and female fertility potential have become available over-the-counter. Unfortunately, however, many of them are not particularly reliable.

The relatively new anti-mullerian (AMH) blood test is thought to be the most accurate predictor of a woman’s ovarian reserve and it is the "gold-standard" test that we would usually recommend if a woman wanted to check on her fertility status. The test helps to assess the number of eggs a woman has left and gives an indication of her fertility potential. The level of AMH, produced by the granulosa cells in the ovaries, diminishes as a woman approaches the menopause.

However, the crucial thing about doing any test is that for every test there will be a result – and that could be good news or not such good news and you may need support in interpreting the results and planning the way forward.  For some women it may be appropriate to consider prioritising planning pregnancy or even moving to a more assisted route sooner rather than later. What's more, it is never quite as simple as having a single test.  Fertility is multi-factorial and although a blood test may be a good start, there are often many other factors involved.

A Zita West Fertility Test consists of an AMH blood test that you can do at home, followed by a 30 minute telephone consultation with one of our fertility nurse specialists, during which we will review the results of the test and discuss their implications, along with the answers you will provide to one of our detailed fertility questionnaires. The combination of the two allows us to take a thorough look at your fertility status in the round.

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PLEASE NOTE: An AMH test cannot be done if you are on the pill. You will need to allow at least one cycle after stopping the pill before taking a test.

  • If you have previously been diagnosed with PCOS, we suggest you do not have the AMH test prior to your consultation as it won’t provide an accurate prediction of your ovarian reserve. Please call us instead on 020.7224.0017 and we will arrange a 'phone consultation for you (or a consultation at our London clinic, should you prefer).
  • An AMH test does not give an indication about whether or not a woman is ovulating or whether her tubes are patent (ie open).
    Clients who are having this test done in person through the Clinic, should consider having an Antral Follicle Count  - an ultrasound scanning test - alongside it. Antral follicles are small resting follicles on the ovary, about 2-8mm in diameter. Used in combination with an AMH test, an Antral Follicle Count is an even more reliable way of estimating your ovarian reserve. It also provides a useful indication of how well you are likely to respond to IVF treatment.

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