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Zita West
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Ovulation Induction

If you are having problems with ovulation or erratic cycles, and if entirely natural methods seem inappropriate or have been tried properly and have not proved successful, we may suggest you try an ovulation stimulation or boosting drug such as clomiphen (Clomid) or Tamoxiphen as a next step. This is only appropriate though if your partner has good quality sperm and your tubes are clear (patent). 

You can usually take clomiphene for up to six cycles, during which time we would usually provide you with some fertility awareness coaching (in order to make sure you have optimally timed sex - you might be surprised at how many couples do not) and also monitor you closely to check that the drug is having the desired effect. This would involve having a number of scans and a blood test for progesterone to confirm that ovulation is occurring.

Most women will ovulate with the use of these drugs and many will conceive. However, there are situations where ovulation may not occur despite the use of ovulation-boosting drugs. Some women - particularly those with PCOS - may benefit from ovarian "drilling", a surgical procedure designed to make the ovaries more responsive to drug treatment. For others, it may be best to leave out this step entirely and move directly to stimulated IUI instead.

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