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Fertility Potential (AMH)

More and more women these days, whether in a relationship or single, are choosing to check their fertility status with a Fertility MOT.

  • You may want to plan ahead. The MOT can help you to decide whether to try for a baby straight away, or if it’s OK to leave it till later
  • You may be actively thinking about getting pregnant in the near future, but aren’t sure whether your fertility is where it needs to be
  • You may have been trying to conceive for a while, but without success
  • You may be thinking about having IVF

Whatever your individual circumstances, the Zita West Fertility MOT has been specially developed to help you get a better understanding of your reproductive status and potential, including your likely responsiveness to IVF, providing you with a unique opportunity to consider the most important aspects of your health, medical history and lifestyle which can impact on your chances of conceiving successfully.

How it works

The Zita West Fertility MOT consists of a comprehensive AMH blood-test, which we combine with your answers to a brief Fertility Questionnaire, followed by a 30 minute consultation with a Zita West Consultant Midwife/Fertility Nurse, either by ‘phone or in person. During the consultation we will discuss the results of your tests and provide you with a predictive overview of your fertility status, as well as guidance on next steps.

Details of the test, the questionnaire and the consultation are provided below.

Click here if you would like to order one now.

The MOT costs £130 + p&p (includes cost of test, questionnaire and consultation - reduced from £170 for one month only). If you decide to have a Vitamin D blood test as well, this will cost an additional £47.50 + p&p (see details below for the benefits of Vitamin D testing).

Please note:

  • The AMH test cannot be done if you are on the Pill. You will need to allow at least one cycle after stopping the Pill before taking a test.
  • If you have previously been diagnosed with PCOS, we suggest you do not have the AMH test prior to your consultation as it won’t provide an accurate prediction of your ovarian reserve. Please call us instead on 020.7224.0017 and we will arrange a 'phone consultation for you (or a consultation at our London clinic, should you prefer).
  • An AMH test does not give an indication of whether or not a woman is ovulating or whether her tubes are patent (i.e. open) or of the quality of the eggs.

There are 4 easy steps you’ll need to follow:

Step 1

Order your Fertility MOT pack on-line (just click on "add to cart" at the top of this page).

If you would like both an AMH and a Vitamin D test done, you will need to order each test separately. You will, however, only be sent one test-kit, as we only need one blood sample to conduct either or both tests.

Step 2

You will receive your Zita West Fertility MOT pack in the post. This includes a simple questionnaire for you to complete, along with instructions on how to obtain the blood sample required. The pack also includes a "vacutainer" (air-tight plastic tube) for the sample, a syringe , a pre-paid return envelope and a test request form.

You will need to arrange to have the blood taken by your GP practice nurse or GP, or at any private clinic or hospital. Most GP practices in the UK will be happy to do this for a small charge (some may do it for free). Practices in Rep. Ireland will also charge a fee.

The sample can be taken at any time in your menstrual cycle.

Step 3

Once the sample has been obtained, simply post it back to us in the pre-addressed envelope provided, along with the completed Fertility Questionnaire and the completed Request Form.

Step 4

When you have returned your Fertility MOT pack, including the sample, completed Questionnaire and Request Form, call us (020.7224.0017) to arrange your 30 minute consultation appointment. The consultation can be done by ‘phone, or in person if prefer to visit one of our clinics. We have a permanent clinic based in Central London, and regular visiting clinics in Dublin and Cork. Please allow 2 weeks from the time you send back the pack to your appointment date.

For 'phone consultations for clients based in the UK, your consultant will 'phone you at the time agreed. For clients based outside the UK, we ask for you to call us.

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) Test

The relatively new Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test is thought to be the most accurate predictor available of the number of eggs a woman has (her ‘ovarian reserve’) which, in turn, provides an indication of her fertility potential, both for the present and the future. The test is a more constant predictor of ovarian reserve than the more commonly used FSH test, as it provides consistent results within any day of a woman's cycle, as well as from cycle to cycle, whereas an FSH test does not. Many women have FSH tests that do not accurately reflect their underlying fertility potential.

The AMH test results provide you with a number (measured in pmol/l) and a category, which show your egg reserve to be either "optimal", "satisfactory", "low" or "very low/undetectable". As women are born with all of their eggs and the egg pool declines with advancing age, the results of the test are very much age-dependent. However, it also provides a measure of whether your reserve is average or below or above the average for your age. As AMH is produced by the ovarian follicles, women with polycystic ovaries (PCOS) are likely to have a very high level of AMH, so the test identifies women with possible PCOS as well (a condition commonly associated with difficulty conceiving).

If you are thinking about having IVF, the test also gives you an indication of how you are likely to respond to treatment.


You will be required to complete the questionnaire which you will find in your pack. The answers you provide will help to paint a complete picture of your current health and lifestyle and any aspects of your medical history that may be relevant to your fertility. Many of our clients tell us that just filling out the questionnaire alone can be  extremely revealing and valuable!


We'll use your questionnaire, combined with results of your test, as the basis of your consultation, at the end of which we’ll provide you with advice and guidance based on whether you are planning on having a baby now or possibly considering it in the near future.

Following the consultation we will send you (either by email or post) the results of your AMH test.

We are not able to provide a written report of any guidance and advice given during the consultation, so it may be useful for you to have a pen and paper handy with which to take notes.
Clients who are having this test done in person through the Clinic, should consider having an Antral Follicle Count  - an ultrasound scanning test - alongside it. Antral follicles are small resting follicles on the ovary, about 2-8mm in diameter. Used in combination with an AMH test, an Antral Follicle Count is an even more reliable way of estimating your ovarian reserve. It also provides a useful indication of how well you are likely to respond to IVF treatment.

Vitamin D Test

We also offer an optional Vitamin D test which can be taken at the same time as that for AMH. If you are thinking about trying to get pregnant in the near future, have been trying to get pregnant for a while without success, or are about to have IVF, then it may be something you’d like to consider as well.

The Vitamin D test is not routinely offered on the NHS yet, even though much research has been done into the role of Vitamin D deficiency in fertility and pregnancy. The Department of Health now recommends that all women should take a Vitamin D supplement during pregnancy.

Vitamin D deficiency is common in women with ovulatory problems such as PCOS. It has also been associated with IVF failure, particularly at the implantation stage, as well as with miscarriage and pregnancy complications, such as pre-eclampsia and prematurity. Deficiency also appears to be common amongst women of African and Asian origin. The main source of Vitamin D is the sun, so it’s not surprising that we identify a deficiency in over 50% of those of our UK clients who are tested.

Vitamin D deficiency is relatively easy to correct, but it is best to find out what your levels are before pregnancy, so that the right level of supplementation can be given if required.

If you choose to test your Vitamin D level as well as your AMH, your consultant midwife/fertility nurse will give you the results of both tests during your 30 minute consultation. They will also be emailed or posted to you after the consultation.

If you would like to order your Vitamin D test-kit on-line, this will need to be ordered separately from your order for an AMH test, by selecting it from the previous "shopping" page.

The cost of the Vitamin D test is £47.50 + p&p

To purchase an AMH test, please click here, and/or a Vitamin D test, here. For more information please click here to contact the Clinic.

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