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Zita West
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Finding it difficult to get pregnant?


It’s natural for couples to assume they will get pregnant soon after they start trying, but it often doesn’t work out that way, for lots of reasons. In any one cycle a couple has a 25% chance of conceiving and on average it takes 8 months to fall pregnant.

A consultation with us can help you discover what it is preventing you from conceiving. We'll review every medical aspect of you and your partner's reproductive health and history as well as your physical and emotional health, in order to identify what may be going wrong. This may reveal the need for further medical examinations and tests. Or it may just suggest some valuable areas for improvement in your approach.

We've year's of experience to offer in helping couples to conceive successfully. We're famous for our uniquely holistic, step by step approach, taking into account potentially important factors such as your diet, nutrition and stress levels, plus any possible emotional and psychological barriers, as well as all the critical medical factors that might apply.

There are any number of ways you can access our services. Many couples start (and finish) with a consultation and general review with one of our consultant midwives or fertility nurses. Others often opt for specific tests or treatments as well. Details of what's involved in a consultation, of the various tests we can offer, and of the natural treatments and therapies that are available too, can be found in the menu bar to the right. 

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