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Zita West
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Just decided to try?


Most couples who come to see us want to get pregnant naturally and to feel that they are doing everything they can to make that happen. We recognise that everyone's circumstances are different, so each fertility assessment is individualised to suit you and your circumstances.

If you have just started to try, want to know your fertility potential, are experiencing difficulties as a couple or perhaps are thinking of going it alone, we are here to help.

A Fertility Action Plan

So many couples trying naturally want to feel that they are being proactive and have a plan of action and don't want the process to be highly medicalised. That is why our holistic approach, whilst obviously looking at the medical side of your fertility, also looks at other areas of your life that may be having an impact on your ability to conceive naturally.

Commonly we find that busy lifestyles, not enough sex, lack of understanding about fertility, poor diet, lack of sleep or stress factors have a really detrimental effect on you and your ability to conceive. These factors can all be addressed but sometimes you need a little help to find the right answer.

What we do well is give you a plan, pulling all the strands together within a time frame with our ultimate goal being a pregnancy.

The first 4 steps to take:

1. Make an appointment
Once you have booked an appointment you will be sent a questionnaire for you and your partner to complete prior to seeing Zita West, AnitaO'Neill or Jane Knight.

2. Questionnaire
The questionnaire is really helpful as it helps us see the whole range of issues that might be affecting your fertility and to assess the areas that need addressing, including topics like:

  • Your diet and nutritional status
  • Your lifestyle
  • Your emotional and psychological well being
  • Your relationship
  • Fertility awareness - understanding your menstrual cycle to optimise your fertility window
  • The medical aspects: eg. blood tests you have had or not had to assess hormone levels and semen analysis.

3. The fertility assessment consultation
We always ask what clients are looking for from their consultation and it most often comes down to a plan of action, support in executing that, and advice about what the next steps should be.

There can be many different issues to deal with and our skill is in pulling all of the strands of your care together so that you leave with a clear plan of action and time frame. It is essential that you feel that you are ticking all the important boxes and making changes to areas in your life that need addressing. We want you to feel that you have control over the plan and the path you take - a feeling often missing when women/couples first encounter fertility issues.

4. Therapies
The therapies used depend on the kind of help you need, so it could be a course of acupuncture, nutrition, a session of hypnotherapy, counselling, or medical tests. We are aware of your time and money so we work on what you really need and our practitioners have a wealth of experience to focus on the right things.

Testing Your fertility

Before you try to conceive, or even if you've already started, it can often be helpful for both partners to check out how fertile they are. More and more couples are considering a fertility assessment (MOT) - a blood test that looks at egg reserves and an ultrasound scan. A semen analysis will also give an idea as to the quality of the sperm. For the fertility assessment, once you have taken the blood test (you do this yourself at home with our test kit) phone to book an appointment (included in the price) and we will go over your results and advise what, if any action is required.

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