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Zita West
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Experiencing recurrent miscarriage?


Miscarriage is not uncommon; it affects around 25% of all pregnancies. However, too often couples are told to just “keep trying” and won’t be sent for tests until they have miscarried at least three times, sometimes more. We will see you after two or more miscarriages, or just one if this occurred later than 12 weeks into the pregnancy. We provide personalised care for many couples each year who have miscarried and this gives us, and our practitioners, an enormous wealth of experience and data to draw on.

Our recurrent miscarriage programme aims to address the main factors known to influence the body’s ability to maintain a pregnancy through to term. Aimed at couples – men are just as important here as women – the programme takes you through a comprehensive step-by-step process to help identify the likely causes and to recommend the best way forward.

There are lots of questions that couples have when they have experienced recurrent miscarriage and we discuss everything from diet, nutrition, lifestyle, emotional and psychological well being and support as well as any medical factors that may be impacting on the pregnancy. They want to know ultimately what they can do to improve their chances of success the next time around

Coming to see Zita, Anita or Jane, we can address every aspect and put a personalised plan together for you which may include blood tests, immune tests and nutritional tests. This is our holistic approach to fertility!

We would then suggest you see Dr Geroge Nkduwe who can go through the test results with you and create an appropriate action plan to give yourselves the best chance of success.

It's important to remember that you are not on your own - many women experience recurrent miscarriage. Here's former Emmerdale star Adele Silva speaking on ITV's Lorraine about her 3 miscarriages and how we were able to help her. Click on the image to view the video

"I will never be able to thank the doctors enough who have helped me even to get this far." Adele Silva

Adele Silva on ITV Lorraine

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