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The Zita West Affiliate National Network

We now have a national network of Zita West affiliated acupuncturists, with affiliated practitioners throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland. The network specializes in all aspects of male and female reproductive health.  

Click on "Find an Affiliate in the UK" or "Find an Affiliate in Ireland", or select one of the two options from the menu on the right hand side of the page, to search for your nearest practitioner.

All acupuncturist members of the network have received training in Zita’s unique holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health as well as the diagnostic processes and treatment protocols followed at our London clinic. Members also have access to the Clinic and other members of the network for consultation and general advice.

Acupuncture and Reproductive Health

Acupuncture has been used in many Eastern cultures for countless centuries and is a long established component, in particular, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), where it is used as a primary source of preventative medicine and treatment to support male and female reproductive health generally. It is also used to treat specific gynaecological concerns such as endemetriosis, dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammation, uterine fibroids and PCOS.

Over recent years acupuncture has begun to feature more prominently in mainstream healthcare in the UK, usually as an adjunct to Western medicine, which is how we always employ it here at the Clinic. Though there is a growing body of scientific research into its uses, there is, however, little data that conforms to the usual Western medical standards of large scale, double-blind, randomised controlled trials on the human population.

Independent Professionals With Experience in Reproductive Health

All Zita West affiliated acupuncturists are independent professionals with experience in the field of reproductive health. They are not employees of Zita West Clinics Ltd and are free to advise and treat their clients as they see fit. This may include the provision of treatments or advice that may not be recommended by Zita or the Zita West Clinic.

As you would expect, Zita West Clinics Ltd cannot accept responsibility for specific advice or treatments that affiliated practitioners may provide.


Fees for treatment by an affiliated acupuncturist are set by each member individually, in line with their general local rate (usually around £40 per session in the UK and 50 to 60 Euros per session in Rep. Ireland). Please check with the practitioner when fixing your first appointment.

Find Your Nearest Affiliated Acupuncturist

If you live in the UK, just enter your post-code into the “Post code search” box on the left hand side of this page for a short-list of affiliated practitioners in your area. Or click on a country from the left hand menu for a drop down list of practitioners by region and county.

As there are no equivalent post-codes in the Republic of Ireland, you will need to look up details of affiliated practitioners in your area by clicking on Rep. Ireland from the menu on the left instead and then selecting your region and county from the drop down menu that will appear. The list only includes those regions and counties in which one or more affiliated members practice.

Benefits of Choosing a Zita West Affiliated Acupuncturist

  • Wide-ranging Medical and Complementary Health Experience

    By choosing a Zita West affiliated acupuncturist you will not only get the benefit of your practitioner's individual expertise, and the experience of other network members, but the training and support of Zita and her colleagues too. The Zita West Clinic helps thousands of women and men each year, at every stage of the reproductive cycle. This provides us with an unrivalled breadth and depth of knowledge to be shared with members of the network.

  • Exclusive Discounts on Zita West Clinic Services

    Choosing a Zita West affiliated practitioner also provides you with unique access to a range of other Zita West services, some of which are available by ‘phone as well as in person.

  • Special Discounts on the Zita West Range of Nutritional Products.

    Clients of member practitioners are also entitled to discounts on Zita’s best-selling range of premium nutritional supplements for fertility, pregnancy and breast-feeding too (20% off RRP ex p&p).

    Discounts are available on our range of books, CDs, cosmetic products and gift-sets as well.

  • FREE Fact Sheets to Help Boost Your Fertility and Pep up Your Pregnancy

    All member practitioners of the Zita West network have access to a range of Zita West factsheets containing useful guidance on how to improve you and your partner’s reproductive health, from general advice on such things as diet and nutrition for male and female fertility and for pregnancy, to valuable tips on weight management and exercise, plus guidance on how to relax and de-stress. These are available to clients free of charge.

  • Client Feedback – Feeds Improvement

    As part of our commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards throughout the network we actively encourage feed-back from clients on the service provided by affiliated members. If you are a client of a Zita West affiliated practitioner we would be delighted to hear from you.

Chinese Medicine and pregnancy

Chinese medicine is a very effective treatment modality for fertility/infertility. Acupuncture alone can be a very important tool however the treatment of infertility according to Chinese Medicine principles never takes place in isolation. We need to look at lifestyle, dietary, emotional and other factors that are just as important if we want to optimize one’s fertility potential. Read Eva's article at the Zita West Blog here.

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