Pregnancy after multiple miscarriage: Zoe’s story

A happy ending after multiple miscarriage

Couples are often afraid miscarriage is sign that they will never have a baby. Although it’s not the same as an inability to conceive, its outcome is the same – no baby. It leaves women flummoxed, and its emotional effect can be devastated.

Yet at the same time, miscarriages are incredibly common. Roughly half of all eggs that are fertilised never continue to implant – although a woman, in this instance, may not know she has miscarried. More than 25 cent of women miscarry in the first trimester – that is one in four. And approximately one in 200 couples will experience two more consecutive miscarriages. It’s not surprising that many of us know a woman who has miscarried if we haven’t done so ourselves.

Zoe’s story  – 6 miscarriages then a baby boy

Today, I’d love to share Zoe’s story with you. Zoe had 6 miscarriages in total, battling through each one only to be faced with more disappointment. And at 39, Zoe thought it was time to accept that she wasn’t supposed to be a mother after all.

I don’t see age as being barrier when it comes to getting pregnant in women under the age of 45, and when Zoe came to visit us at the clinic, we helped her see that she didn’t have to give up just because she was nearly 40. There is often hope.

The best of natural and medical treatments

We were able to diagnose Zoe with a blood clotting disorder which was the reason why she had experienced so many miscarriages and best of all, it was treatable. Despite all her heartbreak, Zoe embraced everything we offered her with an open mind; from acupuncture to hypnotherapy to our nutritional advice. A positive outlook makes for a positive outcome, and Zoe is proof of that. She fought and she fought, and happily ended up having her beautiful baby boy, Freddie.

Women like Zoe inspire not only my clients but also myself, as a testament to what a strong mind-body connection can achieve. She’s one of those special people that makes what I do so worth it.

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