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Zita West
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Antenatal & Birth Preparation

Congratulations! A positive pregnancy test is a fantastic, life-changing event. Now to make sure that you are prepared and feeling confident about the imminent arrival.

'Super Sundays' - Antenatal classes

Group classes are usually concentrated into one "Super-Sunday" session, lasting seven hours, during which we are able to give you all the essential training you will need. These classes are particularly useful for busy working couples, or individuals, who would prefer to access all the information they will need in one concentrated burst rather than attend a number of shorter evening classes spread out across the last trimester. The duration and frequency of private classes can largely be tailored to what suits you best.

The classes cover all the basics you will need to know to prepare you for labour and birth, plus lots of valuable tips and guidance on how to fine tune yourself physically and emotionally for the big day. This is the kind of advice you won't find elsewhere.

In addition to all the basics, topics covered include: what you and your baby experience; mental and physical preparation for the birth; preparing for positive parenting; what your baby senses and what your baby needs; visualisation techniques; positions for labour; nutritional requirements for mother and baby during labour; natural pain relief for labour; tips for the first few days post-birth.

Breast Feeding Advice

We would always recommend that first-time mothers who want to breast-feed their baby attend a breast-feeding workshop at some stage before the birth. Breast is definitely best and we always advise our mothers to try it if they possibly can. However, though it is a wonderfully natural process, there are still techniques that it is valuable to learn, particularly if you want to avoid or minimise the early difficulties that mothers can encounter.

Lasting two hours, the workshop is just for mothers and concentrates solely on breastfeeding. Our aim is to make sure you leave it armed with all the information you need to breastfeed with confidence. Topics covered include: the benefits of breastfeeding to both mother and baby; understanding how breastfeeding works; correct positioning; the importance and techniques of latching on; prevention of problems, plus tips on expressing and storing breast-milk.

Hypnosis for Birth

It is well worth investigating this fantastic approach to preparing yourself for labour and birth.

In addition to covering all the basics that you and your partner will need to know to be prepared for the big day, this course will also teach you a range of fabulously effective, but simple to learn, self-hypnosis techniques. More and more women are now using them to help manage the pain of child-birth and to take a more focussed and positive approach to the whole experience.

Clients who have attended these sessions often rave about how transformational an experience they are, not just for childbirth, but for life afterwards too, helping them to take a more relaxed and more positive approach to things generally!

From 15 weeks, the course comprises two three hour classes. Classes can be arranged in small groups or, if you prefer, on a private, couple and therapist basis.

Click here to join one of our ante-natal training & birth preparation days or if you would like to book a private training session.

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