2017 – Our year in review

This year at The Zita West clinic, we’ve been lucky enough to have supported many couples through their fertility journey this year.

As the year draws to a close, I thought I would recap our favourite five highlights from 2017.


Over 3000 of you signed up for our virtual clinics


One of the most frustrating elements of our work is that because of our physical location in London, we don’t tend to reach many couple’s and women across the UK with our advice and guidance. But this year that all changed with the launch of our virtual clinic sessions which we’ve held monthly. Over 3000 of you have registered and attended our virtual sessions from as far afield as Australia, Argentina, Iceland and South African and from the tip to toe of the UK too. We’ll be expanding our virtual clinic to help even more people no matter where they are based in 2018 so keep your eye on your inbox and our social feeds for more information.


You loved going behind the scenes at our embryology lab

In the summer we were lucky enough to be allowed to take our cameras into the lab at Care London with our embryologist Rob Smith. We shared a variety of secrets of IVF success including: how we create embryos, how we choose embryos and what we do to ensure successful implantation. One of our most watched video in the lab series was when Rob Smith, the Clinic Director of CARE Fertility London talked us through a live ICSI treatment, take a look in the video below.




Our supplements are more popular than ever

We’re hugely proud of having one of the only supplement ranges in the world that focuses on delivering what a woman and developing baby needs trimester by trimester, from preconception through to the fourth trimester, following the birth.We had a wonderful day working on a brand new photoshoot for the Zita West supplement range which we’re planning on growing further. All will be unveiled in 2018, but  in case you missed it, here’s another chance to see a sneak peek behind the scenes….





We reached a milestone of 500 babies

This year was especially special at the Zita West clinic because we held a momentous party to mark a very special milestone – 5 years and 500 babies since I teamed up with Dr George Nduwke and expanded out from offering just natural fertility and treatments such as acupuncture to the IVF clinic we have today.


For all of us at the clinic, the feeling of seeing so many of our couples and babies all together yesterday afternoon was indescribable. So many couples came up to us and said how our work has changed their lives, and I think we’re all going to be on a high for the rest of the year.

Take a look at the highlights from our party in the video below….

Best clinic in London

Of course the absolute highlight of our year was finding out we are the no 1 clinic in London for IVF. Following an external validation of our IVF success rates, we have the highest clinical pregnancy rates in London for IVF and ICSI cycles (per fresh embryo transferred, own eggs, under 35 years – July 2015 – June 2016). We asked our team what makes us different and they summed it up perfectly below!