Early pregnancy and first trimester support


We’re great believers in Chinese medicine and the link between how your mind and your emotions, and your body and your spirit, can have an effect on your developing baby. When Zita trained as a midwife in the 1980s, the model was very biomedical, and though there was a focus on the health of the mother and baby, it really only started when the baby was delivered.

We know so much now about how mind-body factors can have an impact on a baby’s future health well before it’s born. And that there are important windows of opportunity for growth in each trimester of pregnancy where the right vitamins and minerals are needed. How you manage your stress levels and anxiety can also play a role not only in how your child develops, but how they manage stress through their lives! There is so much you can do to lay down the foundations for a healthy future for your baby. Here’s a few ways in which we might be able to help.