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I teamed up with Leo from My Baba in 2016 and launched the Baba West range some months later. Having worked in the field of fertility and pregnancy with a range of supplements, the next logical step was to create something for babies and children. Leo and I have been friends for years, and when she came to me when her son was ill, asking if there were any good vitamin and mineral supplements mixed with probiotics that were easy for children to take, we realised there weren’t so we decided to make some ourselves!

Baba West

Baba West is a range of supplements specifically formulated for babies and children. The range ensures that science and nutrition work hand-in-hand to help shape your baby and child's future health and development from the day they are born.

Leo and I identified a gap in the market when it comes to choosing nutritional supplements for children, especially in order to nourish children to help build healthier bodies. Leo, a mum of three, found the nutritional supplement market confusing and overwhelming, with so many different products to choose from. She found it challenging to find a combined formula tailored to the age of her children with the quality of key ingredients developed using scientific research that she was looking for.

Leo says,

“Through my website and from having three young children of my own, I hear from many parents wanting advice as to whether their children should take supplements. Their children are suffering with everything from skin conditions to bowel problems and seem to have everlasting colds and sniffles. I’m frequently asked about vitamins, but parents are always, understandably, cautious about what to give their children. I wanted to team up with Zita, who I knew I could trust to find the perfect solution!”

Many of the women that I look after before they are pregnant and then during their pregnancies, I don’t tend to see again until they are ready to try for their second. Many of these mums are asking me questions about what they should be giving their children, so it was a natural progression for me to expand into the toddler market.

The multivitamin and probiotic powder is especially good for children aged from 1 to 12 years old. With busy schedules, fussy eaters and processed foods, children often do not meet all of their recommended daily value of nutrients. In fact, figures from the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey shows that on average from food sources alone, toddlers are only achieving one quarter of recommended levels of vitamin D. This has a significant role in the regulation of the immune system and can reduce the risk of certain bacterial and viral infections.

However, any supplement is only as good as a child’s willingness to take it and parents know that children can be finicky about the taste no matter how nutritious. This is why the multi-biotic formula comes in a delicious powder form, containing a clever a mix of vitamins, minerals and probiotics. The formulation contains 100% or more of the recommended NRV (Nutritional Reference Value) of 14 essential vitamins along with a high level (12.5 billion) of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium based friendly microflora. Along with Vitamin D, which is also needed for the normal development of children’s bones and teeth, it also contains Iron to help with their normal cognitive development, and Vitamins C and A plus Zinc and Selenium to help support their immune system. There’s a smart combination of B vitamins too, including B1, B2 and Pantothenic Acid to help with the release of energy from foods.

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