Hypnotherapy for fertility when having difficulty concieving

If trying to get pregnant is taking longer than you thought it would, it’s very easy to become anxious and stressed and for your mind to start working against you rather than with you. Though the science behind it is still largely unknown, the link between mind and body is widely accepted. In our view, just as you can eat yourself pregnant, you can think yourself pregnant too. Certainly, having negative thoughts isn’t likely to help.

Here’s a couple of things you can do:

  • Try out some positive visualisation techniques with our Guided Relaxation download
  • Book one of our fantastic Total Mind Prep video consultations
  • Acupuncture may help with relaxation and stress management as well. Lots of women these days use it as part of their all round preparation. If this might be of interest to you, we’ve a national network of Zita West affiliated acupuncturists.

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