Planning for pregnancy including diet and exercise plans

Lots of couples these days want to take a proactive approach to planning their pregnancy. Take a look at our 10 step plan for Zita’s top 10 tips on how to get pregnant faster. We’ve got plenty of books too to help you plan ahead. If you’d like a more detailed and personalised action plan, a Zita West 360 Degree Video Consultation may be just the thing. This uniquely comprehensive live video session covers all the bases from general health and lifestyle planning to diet and nutrition, weight, fitness and mind-body management and is designed to give you a head start.

Our “Plan Ahead” test-kit may also be helpful. Based on the results from a simple pin-prick sample you can take at home, the test checks a woman’s ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have). Combined with your answers to our “Plan Ahead” questionnaire and a half-hour consultation with one of our fertility nurses or midwives (by live video-link or in person), it’s designed to give women a better understanding of their fertility potential, as well as the next steps they may want to take.