Live Video Fertility Consultation with Zita West

Whether you’ve just decided to try, are perhaps finding it difficult, or if you’re going down the IVF route, we’ve got three different types of live video consultations to help you, each of which we tailor to suit whatever stage you are at, as well as the circumstances of your individual situation.

  1. For an all round assessment of your individual situation and advice on how to get yourself into the best possible shape, try one of our 360 planning sessions.
  2. Or for specific advice on what and what not to eat and drink, a Diet & Nutrition planning session can help.
  3. A Total Mind Prep session can help get you in the best possible place emotionally and psychologically as well.

You might think you know a lot about what to do and what not to do to get your body conception-ready – and you probably do – but you’ll be surprised by how informative and valuable these sessions can be. Having a detailed and individualised plan can be really transformative and can spur you into action in a way that even the most comprehensive general advice and reading can’t.