New for 2018

Don’t Live Near London?

If you live a long way from London, you can now choose to have the most important elements of your treatment with us here in London (consultations, egg collection and embryo transfer, doctor and nurse support etc) but some of the monitoring scans and tests you’ll need as part of it done, closer to home, at one of our new partner IVF Centres around the UK. All the scans and test results will be reviewed and analysed by us and we will manage your treatment just the same as if you’d had them done in London.

The service is entirely optional and you can have as many, or as few, of your monitoring scans and tests done at your local Centre as you like. There’s no difference in cost to you wherever you choose to have them. Ideally, we will want to do at least one of your monitoring cycle scans and blood tests at our clinic in London, usually your final scan before egg collection. But with an average of 3 to 4 monitoring scans and blood tests per IVF cycle, having some of this done closer to home could add up to a good deal of time and money (and hassle) saved on travel and accommodation. The service is available at all CARE Fertility Centres in the UK outside London (Birmingham, Manchester, Northampton, Nottingham, Sheffield and Tunbridge Wells).

If this might be of interest to you just mention it during your initial consultation and we’ll tell you more. Or alternatively click here to contact us.