Thinking of having a baby alone?
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Increasingly at the Zita West Clinic we are seeing more and more women who are deciding to have a baby on their own and are a little lost as to how to go about it. It isn’t always easy when there are so many factors to consider. The aim of the evening’s talk is to give an overview of what’s involved at every step of the process, including:

* Discussion of the treatment options available eg IUI and IVF

* Investigations and fertility tests you may need

* How to choose a donor

* The legal aspects

* Implications counselling: what you need to think about and the support you may need

* Mind/body/spirit; how to prepare mentally, nutritionally and psychologically

The Zita West Clinic takes a unique holistic approach to every woman’s fertility. Our success comes from providing women with the best support, help and advice so that your journey into motherhood can be positive and empowering.

The free evening will be from 6.30pm and presented by Terri Morgan-Collins, our Lead Fertility Nurse and Practice Manager

Terri Morgan-Collins

If you are interested in coming along to our FREE Open Evening and learning more about what’s involved in achieving motherhood as a single woman please email us at or call us on 0207 224 0017. Spaces are limited.