Positive thinking for IVF: manage your mindset

When you’re having IVF it’s important to try and think as positively as you can. We’re strong believers in the link between mind and body and that just as having the right food can help to improve your chances of getting pregnant, thinking and feeling the right things can too.

Our Guided Relaxation for IVF download has been specially recorded to provide you with a fantastic programme of positive visualisation exercises focussed on a successful IVF outcome. Or, if you want something more detailed and personalised book in for one of our Total Mind Prep for IVF video consultations. Lots of our patients think they make a real difference.

Many women also use acupuncture to help relieve stress and aid relaxation. We’ve a national network of affiliates, all of whom are specialists in the use of acupuncture to help support IVF treatment.

Find a Zita West acupuncture affiliate near you