Heart Uterus Connection Visualisation


In Chinese medicine, the heart needs to be open to conceive. This guided visualisation helps you to make the connection between your heart and uterus.

In these visualisations, you immerse yourself in the unique HUG foundational sequence - a delicate interplay of your heart, uterus, and gut. Each stage, depicted in a diagram, becomes a canvas for creative manifestation. Through compassion, courage, and creativity, you align your mind and body, fostering a harmonious environment for your desires.

In your personal journey, these visualisations become more than steps; they transform into a map guiding you to the core of your fertility story. Each step brings you closer, filling you with resilience and hope. Today, you embrace the power of HUG Fertility Guided Visualisations, where your mind meets magic, and your journey unfolds with confidence.

Following the diagram's sequence, you dive deep into each stage, leveraging the power of intention and visualisation to manifest your dreams. These visualisations aren’t just a passive experience; they are a dynamic dialogue with your inner self. As you engage with the emotional competencies of your heart, gut, and uterus, you release anxieties and fears, embracing a newfound confidence and strength.

  • Guided visualisations
  • Foundational linking of heart, uterus, and gut connection
  • For preparing or trying to conceive

"The visualisation I bought is really helping so thank you, Zita.”

- Review for the Heart Uterus Connection Visualisation

"Reconstructing the heart-uterus connection enabled me to tackle crippling grief, manage anxiety, rebuild my confidence, and repair my self-esteem. It restored my faith in my instincts and I regained the courage to be brave.”

- Review for the Heart Uterus Connection Visualisation

About this visualisation

Your journey Through these visualisations, focus on the challenges you face Your body holds profound answers. The sequence—heart, head, gut, uterus, back to heart—forms a powerful figure-eight, symbolizing infinite possibilities. As you explore your challenges, listen keenly to your body's responses; they are your guiding light.

Setting Clear Intentions for Powerful Results: Your visualisations gain strength with clear intentions. Consider what you wish to create or change. These sessions will centre you, invoking calmness and connecting you to your innate wisdom. This is your dialogue with your mind and body—a conversation essential for your well-being.

Preparing for Your Visualisation Journey: Find a quiet space, remove distractions, and settle into comfort. Kick off your shoes, remove glasses, and silence your phone. This is your time; honour it. Remember, these visualisations are not for driving; they require your full attention.

Closing Thoughts: Embrace this transformative journey. Your mind-body connection is a profound reservoir of wisdom. Through HUG Fertility Guided Visualisations, you embark on a unique, personal exploration, unlocking the depths of your being. Trust the process, and let your inner wisdom guide you. Welcome to a transformative experience tailored just for you.

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