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Maintaining the right amount of nutrients throughout your pregnancy can be challenging. The requirements that both the mother and growing baby need changes through each trimester.

Mind, Body, Pregnancy – Support for each Trimester

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Finding out you’re pregnant is wonderful and whether you have been trying for a baby for some time, or it has come as a complete surprise, there’s a number of changes and adjustments you need to make to your mind and body while your baby grows.

As a midwife for the past 40 years, and with her focus also on fertility for the past 25, Zita has helped thousands of women get pregnant. She is a huge believer in the holistic approach when it comes to pregnancy: mind, body, baby is her mantra.

Here’s our simple mind-body guide to what you’ll need to focus on for each stage of your pregnancy.

First Trimester                 Second Trimester
Third Trimester                       Postnatal

Unsure what you’re looking for?

It can be difficult to know which supplements to take throughout your fertility journey. Our product recommendation quiz will inform you of the best products to take for your specific stage.

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