Meet Our Experts

Meet Our Experts

When Zita West Products was founded over 20 years ago, there was just one employee, Zita herself. Fast-forward to today and we have over 30 people working alongside Zita globally. From research and development to customer service and marketing, our passionate team strives to help our customers throughout their fertility journey.

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Zita West

Founder & CEO

Zita West Products was created over 20 years ago with the aim of helping as many couples achieve their fertility goals as possible.

Using our experience and the latest science and research, we have developed a range of supplements that we are proud of.

The Zita West Clinic has been helping couples make babies for over 20 years, and Zita herself has been a midwife for the past 40. Nobody knows more about what’s needed for the best results.

Zita is one of the UK’s leading authors on everything to do with getting pregnant and being pregnant. We’ve lots of different books to choose from. There’s a range of guided relaxation downloads for you to try too.

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Isabelle Obert

Fertility Nutritionist

Isabelle trained at the Raworth Centre and qualified in 2002 with a Nutrition Consultant’s diploma with Distinction. She has been working at the Zita West Clinic since 2005 as well as working with private clients, specialising in fertility, IVF and pregnancy. Isabelle believes that diet plays an important role in assisted fertility and natural conception and can have a positive impact on hormonal imbalances such as PCOS and endometriosis.

She aims to demystify fertility nutrition and takes time to explain clearly how and why diet is so important, offering achievable advice that is tailored to each individual person or couple as well as keeping up-to-date with evidence-based research to ensure that she is providing her clients with the best possible advice and nutritional solutions to enable them to have the highest chances of conceiving.

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Rebecca Traylen

Fertility Nutritionist

Rebecca has a BSc in Biology, a Masters in Human Nutrition and is an Associate Nutritionist (ANutr).

Rebecca works closely with Zita West to help develop the product range and articles based on the latest research to bring you the best support. Using her nutrition background Rebecca offers a holistic approach to fertility through lifestyle, diet and supplements.

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