The first 1000 days from conception to their second birthday is so important for your future child's development and health

Zita West Products was created over 20 years ago with the aim of helping as many couples achieve their fertility goals as possible. Using our experience and the latest science and research, we have developed a range of supplements that we are proud of.

The Zita West Clinic has been helping couples make babies for over 20 years, and Zita herself has been a midwife for the past 40. Nobody knows more about what’s needed for the best results.

Zita is one of the UK’s leading authors on everything to do with getting pregnant and being pregnant. We’ve lots of different books to choose from. There’s a range of guided relaxation downloads for you to try too.

So where did it all begin? My mother was a midwife so it was a natural progression for me. I have always had an interest in natural as well as medical approaches to both fertility and pregnancy and how to combine them to maximum advantage.

My personal experience

My initial interest in natural therapies came about through my own personal experience of being pregnant. I had terrible morning sickness with both my babies as well as mild postnatal depression after my second.

What I discovered was that all of the body’s systems are linked: you need to nourish the body both physically and emotionally for it to work at its best, and this is never truer than when it comes to fertility. I tried acupuncture and found that it really helped me as a natural relief to many of the pregnancy ailments I was experiencing, and it was especially helpful for me throughout the difficult time postnatally with my second child. Soon after this I trained in acupuncture with a focus on pregnancy and brought this into the NHS at Warwick Hospital, where I was working at the time. I then went on to study nutrition as well as I believed this could also make a huge difference in helping someone conceive and to their prospects for the pregnancy that followed.

The first 1000 days

What I didn’t know then, but do know now, was how important the first 1000 days are for your future child’s development and health.

This begins at the moment of conception and carries on through to a baby’s second birthday. Anything you can do to help – physically, emotionally and psychologically – to lay the foundations for this critical period is likely to have a positive impact on their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

The Clinic

In 2001 I opened the Zita West Clinic with the specific mission to help support couples to get in the best possible shape for fertility and pregnancy and to find solutions for those who are having problems. I also created my own range of vitamin and mineral supplements for male and female fertility, pregnancy and the postnatal period.

In 2011 we launched our first IVF programme which has proved incredibly successful, with some of the best pregnancy rates in the UK.

Since leaving Zita West clinic I am delighted to be returning to my roots and what I love most, with independent, one to one in person or on zoom bespoke fertility consultations.

Zita West Consultancy

This unique service will offer a medical and mindset approach to fertility advice in a relaxed setting. My approach is tailored to you and your individual circumstances.

Recommendations will be matched to your needs, with referrals to the best specialists in all aspects of fertility and pregnancy. I will set out a plan of action based on my signature consultation and make the relevant referrals for you from my network of trusted and accomplished therapists. As an independent, my advice is not linked to any other clinic or business. My aim is simply to help you navigate the maze.

For more information and to book your appointment, contact us here.

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