How long doers it take get pregnant?

If you’ve been trying for a while it’s always sensible to check out how many of the factors most commonly associated with difficulties conceiving may apply to you. Some of these may be to do with genetics (over which you have no control) but others can be lifestyle related and capable of improvement. Though it takes on average between 8-12 months for you to conceive (which lots of couples don’t know. They think it should happen much quicker than this) the more of these factors that apply to you the sooner you should seek advice and take some action. This can be difficult as GPs are often reluctant to do anything other than advise you to keep trying for at least a year but some may be willing to do some tests for you earlier than this if they know that you are likely to find it more difficult than most.

These are generally blood tests to check your hormone levels on certain days of the month, which will show, along with other things, if you are ovulating or not. Another blood test and scan will show your egg reserves and a semen analysis will also be done for your partner.

Alternatively if you can’t get this done on the NHS and you’d like to do some of these privately instead, we can advise you on which could be most relevant as part of a 360 Degree video consultation. Many of the most useful blood tests can be done from your own home and the results communicated to you either by another video consultation or by phone.