Zita West: Fertility expert to the stars

Zita has helped thousands achieve their fertility goals with her holistic approach and range of premium fertility supplements.

About Zita West

Leading fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West is a practising midwife, acupuncturist, nutritional advisor and bestselling author with over 30 years' experience. She has helped thousands of women conceive, many as a last resort.

Her pioneering approach to fertility, combining the natural with the medical, has cemented Zita as the recognized leading fertility expert in Europe.

Zita is the go to fertility consultant to celebrities and royals alike:

 "Zita is often referred to as a fertility and pregnancy guru…that’s exactly what she is.​"  Kate Winslet




Zita's Approach

The Zita West holistic approach focuses on mind, body and spirit. Over her many years in practice, Zita came to realize that many of her clients lacked basic nutritional knowledge, particularly in terms of how the right vitamins and minerals could impact on their fertility and pregnancy.

As she says, 'Women and couples seem to know a lot about diet but little about nutrition'. It was this that prompted Zita to train as a nutritional therapist. 



"Women and couples seem to know a lot about diet but little about nutrition"

Her collection of specialist supplements grew out of her work in this area. The range is the most complete collection of specialist supplements available on the market focused on female and male reproductive health and the issues underlying it. There’s a range of guided relaxation downloads for you to try too.

Zita is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience around fertility, and regularly runs free webinars, IGTVs and workshops to help as many people as possible reach their fertility goals.

Where to start

Knowing what supplements to take, in what quantity and at what stage can be intimidating. To make it simple, we have a number of bundles pack products focused toward the specific nutritional requirements needed for specific fertility journeys, such as:

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Unsure what you’re looking for?

It can be difficult to know which supplements to take throughout your fertility journey. Our product recommendation quiz will inform you of the best products to take for your specific stage.

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