Menstrual health and the workplace

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51% of the population is female. However, the conversation around hormones, menstrual health and the workplace is woeful.

We live in a culture where women are generally praised for “getting on with it” when it comes to reproductive health concerns.

We believe we should be working towards a working culture where women are not pushed into carrying on, but we talk openly about our experiences and how this may impact our work.

Advice for employers

We have three top tips for employers to help support their women in the workplace!

1. Create a compassionate workplace. How would you feel if you were expected to perform at your best, whilst experiencing often crippling symptoms that you are too embarrassed to talk about?

2. Be flexible! This is a small change that can make a huge difference to productivity and mental health. For those who experience reproductive health conditions, the option to work from home can be a huge relief.

3. Get behind health and wellbeing. Wellness programs have been shown to increase productivity and benefit mental health for employees.

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