Postpartum Care: Understanding Postpartum Bleeding, Cramping, and Physical Recovery

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Recovery after childbirth is a crucial but often overlooked aspect of the postpartum period. From physical recovery to postpartum bleeding and cramping, it is important to be aware of the changes that occur post-birth and to look after your body accordingly.

Physical Recovery

Your body has been through a lot during childbirth, and it is normal to feel tired, sore and weak in the days and weeks afterwards.

You may experience some swelling in the genital area, and your uterus will take around 6 weeks to return to its pre-pregnancy size. To aid your recovery, it is important to rest as much as possible, and to make sure you are eating healthily and drinking plenty of fluids.

You can also use a cold compress or take a warm bath to help with discomfort. Gentle exercises such as pelvic floor exercises and walking can also help to speed up your recovery.

Our Zita West Comfort Down Under Perineal Cream is invaluable for the days immediately after your delivery. This soothing blend of essential oils and plant extracts cools on contact and helps keep the perineum clean and fresh and is safe to use with stitches.

Our Restore And Renew Lavender Bath Therapy Oil contains a special aromatherapy blend is rich in Lavender which helps you to relax your mind and body and in turn helps with anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and body aches.

Postpartum Bleeding

Postpartum bleeding, or lochia, is a normal process that occurs after childbirth. It is a combination of blood, uterine lining and vaginal secretions, and can last up to 6 weeks. Sanitary products such as pads can be helpful to avoid soiling clothes and be sure to change them regularly.


It is common to experience cramping after childbirth due to the uterus contracting back to its pre-pregnancy size. This is known as afterpains, and is usually more intense during breastfeeding due to the release of oxytocin. Taking paracetamol can help relieve the pain, or a hot water bottle to reduce the cramping.

Nutritional Support

After you have given birth and if you have started breastfeeding, your body has another set of nutritional requirements. Zita West Revital Essence includes important nutrients such as Calcium, which is important for the development of baby's bones and teeth, and Vitamin D which helps support continuing cellular growth. We’ve added Choline too, an essential nutrient necessary for the development of healthy cell membranes as well as a broader and more effective range of valuable antioxidants to help support the immune system of both you and your feeding baby.

Recovery after childbirth is an important part of the postpartum period, and it is important to be mindful of the changes that occur, look after your body and allow it time to heal.

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