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Welcome to our new community for those who recovering from birth and adjusting to their new lives.

The aim of this space is to create an environment of hope and positivity after what can sometimes be a difficult journey, and to help people connect through shared experiences to support you through yours.


The Postnatal Community

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A word from Zita:

"Becoming a parent is one of life’s biggest changes, it poses a set of unique challenges and lessons as well as blessings. While everyone's experience of parenting is unique and it is easy to feel alone, sharing our experiences can be a great source of comfort and inspiration."

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Since becoming a parent, I have learnt:

I've learn't that as much as I wanted to believe that 'women could have it all' as I was told growing up, the reality is that something will have to give and that's OK. It's more important that 'women have choices'. I've also learn't that your kids are not exact copies of you, they have their own likes and dislikes!
Since becoming a parent I have learned that:
Your babies teach you about life just as much as you teach them
It takes a whole village to raise a baby, I would be lost without my parents and sisters
The highs are higher than I ever anticipated and the lows are lower than I could have ever prepared for

Since becoming a parent, I have learned not to compare my child's progress to anyone elses, as every child is different and will progress in their own unique way.

Since becoming a parent, I have learned that everything is just a phase. Both the good and the bad. As soon as you think you've nailed somthing or you can't keep going, it changes again.

Since becoming a parent I have learnt that your body never really recovers. You may look the same or similar to how you did before but the impact of having a baby is long term. Personally I have experienced more than a year of pain directly from carrying my son which has meant endless physio therapy, steroid injections and a change in lifestyle just to manage. I have also experienced a huge shift in my menstrual cycle. From no periods at all while breastfeeding to having debilitating cramping and excessive heavy bleeding. My partner took me to the hospital during one particularly bad period as it was so heavy and painful we thought I was miscarrying an unknown pregnancy. My periods have also shifted from regular to unpredictable. Sometimes with just ten days between periods and then two weeks of bleeding.

I wish I had known how to advocate for my health more effectively while pregnant. I wish I had known that I needed to demand care before it got so bad I couldn’t look after myself or my son. I wish womens health issues weren’t dismissed. When in labour with a broken pelvis unable to move or walk, I overheard the consultant in charge of my care say ‘they all say they can’t walk’ and ignore my cries for help. If I hadn’t been ignored, the damage might not have been as bad, myself and my son might not have needed treating for sepsis, I might be able to carry my son now without pain and I might not be terrified to ever fall pregnant again.


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