Male Fertility Issues

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Evidence suggests that men’s sperm counts around the world are declining. As well as low sperm count, there may be low motility (where the sperm can’t swim properly) or an unusually high rate of malformed sperm (poor morphology). In some men, their sperm analysis is normal, but additional tests show there is damage to the DNA (DNA fragmentation) which means the sperm can’t fertilise the egg properly.

There are many nutrition and lifestyle factors that could be playing a role in male fertility problems and evidence that supplementing particular nutrients may help. Our supplements have been designed to support sperm count and the various measures of sperm quality.

Recommended Supplements

For men with low sperm count and/or low motility and/or higher than normal morphology issues:

Save with this Male Pre-conception Support Pack which contains all four of the above supplements.

For men with normal sperm analysis but high DNA fragmentation:

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