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Low fertility can be due to so many different factors, but one thing we do know is that the correct nutrient intake is vital to produce adequate sperm, ovulate or maintain pregnancy. The Zita West IVF Nutritional Support Pack has been designed to do just that – deliver to you the nutrients that we know the body needs. But what are they and how do they help? Let’s take a look at our supplements for IVF.

Vitamin D Spray

Vitamin D is often known as “the sunshine vitamin”. This is because we get it from exposure to the sun (and a bit in our diet). Vitamin D is important for healthy bone function of a developing foetus and it also helps support the correct balance of our immune system (autoimmunity has been linked to poor fertility and miscarriage). Vitamin D also plays a part in sperm quality by Vitamin D receptor mediating an increase in intracellular calcium concentration that induces sperm mobility. We can therefore see how important it is for overall health as well as fertility and is becoming a key supplement for IVF.

We have chosen a spray form of Vitamin D for ease of use as well as increased absorption rate. Simply spray into the mouth for your daily dose of this important nutrient.

Vital DHA

DHA is an important nutrient for both adults wanting to conceive and the growing foetus once conception has taken place. The cell membrane surrounding the cells in the ovary is important for overall cell development and also for allowing the sperm to penetrate it. Therefore, cell membrane health needs to be supported. DHA supports the cell membrane aiding membrane fluidity and assisting oocyte penetration of the sperm. It also helps protect both partners DNA from oxidative stress and both should consider taking Vital DHA when trying for a baby.


As mentioned, so many aspects of getting pregnant are affected by our nutrient intake. Vitafem has been specifically designed to provide the most important nutrients needed.

Some of these important nutrients included in this formulation are –

B Vitamins – There are several B vitamins all of which play a part in fertility. They are important for mitochondrial energy production as well as antioxidant defence. You may have heard of one of the B Vitamins – B9. This is often under the name of folic acid. This nutrient is known to help prevent spina bifida and works together with Vitamin B12 to ensure healthy cell-division and normal tissue growth during pregnancy. It is a vital nutrient for DNA synthesis.
Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin which is important for maintaining ovarian health. It significantly decreases oxidative stress in spermatozoa and improves sperm motility.
Iron – Iron is important for the formation of red blood cells in mother and developing foetus and is also involved in energy production within the mitochondria. .
Zinc – Zinc is a cofactor for enzymes which are involved in the production of DNA and RNA as well as protecting against oxidative damage. Zinc also plays an essential role in the production and transport of reproductive hormones and enables ovulation, fertilisation and oocyte development.
Lycopene – Lycopene is found in high concentrations in the testes and seminal plasma. It is a well known and effective antioxidant.
Vitamin C – Vitamin C is an important antioxidant. It affects reproductive health as it has a positive effect on growth and repair of the ovarian follicle and development of the corpus luteum. It is crucial for the normal function of a mother’s immune system as well as helps with the absorption of iron.
Selenium – Selenium supports normal thyroid hormone production. We know that suboptimal thyroid function is associated with low fertility. Selenium is also a powerful antioxidant. The development of male reproductive tissue requires a good level of selenium in the testes.
CoQ10 – CoQ10 is utilised as a carrier in the mitochondria to produce cell energy. It also has antioxidant properties and is found in high concentrations in the head and mid-piece of the sperm. It is considered to promote motility, foster sperm survival and provide optimal energy.

These are just some of the nutrients in Vitafem that help with fertility. We have also included many more each which plays its own important role.

Vitafem Boost

Vitafem Boost is an antioxidant “booster” supplement designed to be taken alongside Vitafem. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals which are known to be a damaging substance and have been linked to poor egg quality. A certain amount of free radical damage is normal. However, this increases with age as our endogenous antioxidant system wears down. It can also age eggs and sperm. Free radicals target the fatty fluid membranes in the cells leaving the DNA damaged and the eggs and sperm no longer able to function properly. Inflammation causes free radical formation that researchers now think may be linked to many problems associated with fertility and pregnancy such as endometriosis, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, auto-immune diseases and unsuccessful IVF cycles. Vitafem Boost contains a wide range of powerful antioxidants some of which we discuss below. They are chosen specifically for their strength and variety. You will see that some antioxidants are in the form of vitamin and minerals, and some are foods that we know to be beneficial for our health.

Resveratrol – Resveratrol is a plant compound that acts as an antioxidant. The top food sources include dark grapes, berries and peanuts. This compound tends to be concentrated mostly in the skins and seeds of grapes and berries and these parts of the grape are included in the fermentation of red wine which is why some people say red wine is good for you!
Spirulina and Chlorella – Spirulina and Chlorella are both forms of algae. The difference between the two is that chlorella is a single-celled freshwater algae and spirulina is multi-cell. As well as being antioxidants, they are a complete protein source. Because spirulina and chlorella are an exceptionally nutritive plant food source, they have been shown to be excellent for supporting healthy fertility and pregnancy.
Pine Bark Extract – Pine Bark Extract is found to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and organic acids, which offer extensive natural health benefits and is often taken by those who suffer from endometriosis.
Pomegranate Extract – Pomegranate was once praised as a symbol of fertility in ancient Persia due to its high antioxidant content. It is also rich in micronutrients such as Vitamin C, folate and Vitamin K.
Watercress – As well as being an antioxidant, watercress is jam packed full of other nutrients. It is beneficial to add this to your food to reap the benefits as well as have in your supplement regime.

As you can see, there are many amazing antioxidants in Vitafem Boost. The benefits are best obtained whilst taken alongside the other products in the Zita West IVF Nutritional Support Pack.

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