The benefits of baths throughout your fertility journey

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There’s nothing quite like sinking into the comforting and calming warmth of a bath to sooth your mind and body. The Zita West Restore & Renew Bath Oil is a special blend aromatherapy blend that can be used at any time in your journey and especially to heal your body after birth. Pour 3 capfuls into warm running bath water and feel the calming effects take place. 

Why are baths good for you? 

Our bath oil is rich in lavender. Lavender is a highly effective in promoting relaxation, when you soak into warm water with lavender you will feel a sense of calm, this is especially important postpartum. When you have a newborn baby life is busy and what’s more, you’re doing it on lack of sleep and with a body that is recovering from birth! So, taking the time to be still and soak your body is doubly important. Baths are beneficial for your brain and nervous system, alleviating anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and headaches.  

There are also so many physical benefits to come from taking baths. Having a bath allows you to relax your muscles as they soak in warm water. This will alleviate any tension in your muscles, joints and bones and allow them to heal and therefore become less painful. Birth is strenuous on your body, so it is important to give it the best care and allow it time to heal.  

When else can I use this bath oil? 

The Zita West Restore & Renew aromatherapy bath oil isn’t just for postpartum. At every stage of your journey to baby it is important to look after your mind and body. When you are trying to conceive your mindset is so important, taking 10 minutes to breathe and relax will be so beneficial to the outlook on your experience. Pregnancy is strenuous on your growing body, so taking the time to relax your joints, bones and muscles will reduce the pain and allow you to have some time alone with your bump and come to terms with the exciting changes that will take place. When you are in labour a bath is a great way to alleviate pain, it will also allow you to relax and control your breathing which allows more oxygen into your blood stream and reduces pain significantly.  


Coconut Oil – is moisturising so boosts skin health and has natural antimicrobial properties.  

Lavender Oil – relaxes through aromatherapy and has natural antibacterial properties which heal the skin.  

Vitamin E – is nourishing and has natural antioxidant properties.  

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