Beautiful belly balm for stretch marks

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The Zita West Beautiful Belly Balm allows your skin to stretch without magnifying or creating stretch marks as your body grows to make room for your baby. It is enriched with sweet almond oil which helps to alleviate and sooth dry skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties, while the presence of jojoba oil helps to lighten existing scars due to its skin repair qualities. 

It is important to find time to bond with your baby and changing body during pregnancy and massaging your pregnant belly everyday allows you to do just that. It creates a closeness to your body and allows you to explore and touch all the changes that are occurring. And from 26 weeks of pregnancy your baby can feel and respond to your rubbing your belly.  

There are many health benefits to massaging your belly during pregnancy. Any type of massage can help you to regulate your breathing, relax and reduce anxiety. This in turn allows more oxygen into your body and increases the blood flow to the placenta and uterus, delivering nutrients to your baby.  

Increased blood flow can also help with your digestion, which can change during pregnancy due to the change in hormones.  


Aloe Vera - is moisturising, soothing and reduces infection.

Sweet Almond Oil - moisturises the skin and prevents free radical damage.

Jojoba Seed Oil - has natural antibacterial, antioxidant and hypoallergenic properties. 

Argan Oil - is moisturising so heals skin infections and soothes skin conditions.

Lavender Oil - has natural antibacterial properties so heals skin and promotes relaxation. 

Geranium Oil – has natural antseptic properties so helps to clear skin. 

Chamomile Oil - is a germaside so helps clear skin irritation.

Vitamin E Oil - is nourishing and is a natural antioxidant.

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