Dealing with back pain during pregnancy

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It is extremely common to experience back pain during pregnancy. This is because the ligaments in your body become softer in order to prepare for labour while you carry a heavier weight around. Check out ways in which you can relieve back pain in pregnancy. Please check with your healthcare provider before carrying out this advise. 

Sleep on your side 

It is best to sleep on your side rather than your back when you are pregnant as the weight of your bump may put pressure on your back and keep either one of both knees bent. If you can, consider using a pregnancy support pillow, this will give you support between your legs, under your abdomen and behind your back. 


Massage is a great way to alleviate back pain during pregnancy. While you are lying on your side, get someone to rub their palms along your back on either side of your spine. They should be able to feel for areas that are particularly tight, or you can vocalise what points feel more painful. Gently focus on those areas with the base of your hands or your thumbs, working up and down. They can also gently press in with their fists along your lower back.   

Why not try the Zita West Back Ease Massage Oil, our rich blend of essential oils includes jojoba oil which moisturizes your skin without leaving an oily residue. 

Hot or cold  

Cold compression slows blood flow to the back, reducing swelling and pain. Start by putting a cold compress on the painful part of your back for 20 minutes a few times each day. After a few days switch to putting a hot compress. Heat boosts the flow of blood and nutrients to an area of the body.  

Physical activity 

It is important to discuss with your healthcare professional what amount and intensity of activity is right for you. Some gentle activities you can try are walking and stretching.  

A stretch you can do to relieve your lower back is resting on your hands and knees with your head in line with your back. Pull in your stomach, rounding your back slightly. Hold for several seconds, then relax your stomach and back — keeping your back as flat as possible. Gradually work up to 10 repetitions. 

Good posture 

As your belly grows your center of gravity will shift forward but to avoid falling forward you might lean back more which can strain your back muscles. There are 4 things that you can do to avoid this from happening: 

  • Stand up straight and tall  
  • Hold your chest high 
  • Keep your shoulders back and relaxed
  • Don't lock your knees
  • Stand with one foot on a step stool
  • Keep a wide stance
  • Choose a chair that supports your back 
  • Place a small pillow behind your lower back   

If you found this blog helpful, check out our blog on the benefits of massage during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. 

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