Preconditioning Down Under Before Birth

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How to massage the perineum? 

Using your thumb, press down towards the perineum from inside your vagina until you feel a slight stretch and hold it for a minute or two before gently massaging the area where your thumb is sitting for two to three minutes while focusing on relaxing the muscles. You can either do this yourself or get your partner to do it for you.  

Why you should massage your perineum before labour 

Using our perineum massage oil before labour will help to prepare the perineum for childbirth by making it more supple and elastic in order for it to stretch more easily during labour and may reduce the need for an episiotomy or the chances of tearing. It will also make the recovery of the perineum after birth quicker and smoother. 

A great reason to massage your perineum is to get to know your body better before you give birth. It can help you become more in tune with your vagina and more comfortable with the idea of birth.  

Having your partner give you a perineal massage can help you to bond and can also give them a sense of purpose in the birthing experience. It can be educational for them so they are more comfortable with the idea of birth.  

When and how often? 

You should start massaging your perineum after you reach the 34 week mark in your pregnancy. This gives you enough time to slowly give elasticity to your perineum before you reach full term. You should only do this once or twice a week, more frequently than this can cause the tissue to become sensitive and can actually increase the chances of tearing.  


Sweet Almond Oil - moisturises the skin and prevents free radical damage.

Jojoba Seed Oil - has natural antibacterial, antioxidant and hypoallergenic properties. 

Fractioned Coconut Oil - has natural antimicrobial and boosts skin health and hydration. 

Avocado Oil - is hydrating which helps to heal and smooth dry skin.

Vitamin E Oil - is nourishing and is a natural antioxidant.

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