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The aim of this space is to create an environment of hope and positivity after what can sometimes be a difficult journey, and to help people connect through shared experiences to support you through yours.


The Pregnancy Community

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A word from Zita:

"For so many women I look after, the excitement of a positive pregnancy test is fantastic. It takes time to adapt to being pregnant, and emotions can run high in early pregnancy as you get used to your body changes both hormonally and physically with the energy it takes to grow a developing baby."

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We'll list some of the responses below to inspire you!

What has been your favourite moment of being pregnant?

My favourite moment of being pregnant was when I could finally share the news!


My favourite moment of being pregnant was watching my body change and being in awe of what the female body can do. Feeling the baby kick is also amazing!


My favourite moment of being pregnant was the first time I felt her kick and my husband being able to feel have the hiccups through my tummy


My favourite moment of being pregnant was being told I was having a boy. The sonographer told H and H told me


My favourite moment of being pregnant was the first time someone stood up on the commute into London to offer me their seat. I didn't show for a long time and it suddenly made it very real for me. Sitting down was nice too!


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Pregnancy FAQs

When should I stop sleeping on my back during pregnancy?


From 28 weeks (third trimester) sleeping on your back can increase the risk of still born. Therefore, from the third trimester you should sleep on your side. If you wake up on your back don’t panic, just roll onto your side and continue to sleep. 


How early do pregnancy cravings start?


Everyone's pregnancy journey will be different however most women experience cravings in the first trimester. Generally pregnancy cravings peak in your second trimester and reduce as you enter your third trimester. 


What vitamins should I take during pregnancy?


All pregnant women should be taking a minimum of 400 micrograms of folic acid and 10 micrograms of vitamin D as advised by the NHS.  


There are also a number of important nutrients that women should either get from food or supplements including iron, calcium, vitamin C and


Depending on your age, diet and lifestyle you may require extra supplements for extra support.


When will my baby bump show?


This is will be different for all women however, generally your bump will become noticeable during your second trimester. 


How to stay fit during pregnancy?


Exercising during pregnancy is completely safe and healthy, you can do a range of activities from running, swimming, cycling, weights, pilates and yoga. If you are new to any of the exercises make sure you start off slowly and gradually build yourself up.  


Avoid contact sports where there is a risk of being hit or exercises where you could loose your balance and fall. If you do have any adverse symptoms or feel unwell when exercising we advise consulting your GP or midwife. 


How early do Braxton Hicks start?


Not all women will experience Braxton Hicks, if you do they will generally be felt in the second or third trimester. They are caused when then womb contracts and relaxes and is completely normal.


It isn’t fully understood why some women get them and others don’t however, things like being very active, having a full bladder, having sex and being dehydrated may trigger them.  


How much zinc is safe to take throughout pregnancy?


No more than 30mg of zinc is recommended during pregnancy 

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