Pregnancy Mindfulness & Guided Relaxation for Pregnancy (Download)


Research suggests that stress can have a significant adverse effect on a mother’s health and happiness during pregnancy, as well as on the immediate and long term health and development of the baby. By taking just a little time, on a regular basis, to completely relax throughout your pregnancy, you can help to counter-act this.

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The aim of this download is to provide you with a range of guided relaxation and positive visualisation techniques to help you feel focussed and deeply relaxed throughout pregnancy. It will also help you to build a deeper connection with your growing baby. Listening to the download for just 20 minutes a day will help to keep you in a positive frame of mind for the weeks and months ahead.

This dowload is not compatable with iPhones - Please visit iTunes to order. 

  • Positive visualisation techniques for pregnancy
  • Help prepare for labour
  • Strengthens bond with your baby

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