Zita West Products and Probio7 announce partnership

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Zita West Products and Probio7, two of the UK’s leading premium quality fertility and pregnancy supplement brands, are proud to announce a new partnership.

The collaboration is designed to help further enhance Zita West Products’ existing product range, with new ranges of fertility, pregnancy and post-pregnancy friendly bacteria supplements being announced in the coming weeks.

Zita said,

“I have long been an advocate for the importance of supporting gut health when trying for a baby and how increasing friendly bacteria can help further enhance a couple’s fertility potential, as well as supporting a normal pregnancy.

There is growing research around how a healthy microbiome can play an important role for both you and your baby’s health and I am delighted to be collaborating with Probio7 on the exciting products we have in the pipeline.”

Rebecca Traylen, Head of Nutrition at Probio7, added,

“We are excited about this partnership and what we can achieve together. Each of our products contain high quality, live friendly bacteria, all of which are picked according to research and their associated health benefits.

As the research on probiotics and gut health grows so have our products and at Probio7 we want to ensure we are staying ahead of the research to be able to bring you the resources and expertise to best look after your health.

As you mentioned, there is increasing evidence that the gut microbiome is important for a healthy pregnancy, and we are very proud to be powering Zita West Products.”

The first 1,000 days is what shapes an infant’s gut microbiome and can affect their future health. This 1000-day window starts from preconception through pregnancy to infancy and can be influenced by the mother’s gut microbiome. Therefore, it is vital that a mother has an optimum gut microbiome throughout to give her infant the best possible start in life.

“When I first created the Zita West Products range 20 years ago, I wanted to work with partners who shared my values and passion for ensuring men and women are in the best possible shape for fertility, as well as supporting women through pregnancy, so this collaboration with Probio7 is very important for me,”

concluded Zita.

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