Getting Pregnant Over 35

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About Fertility For Women 35+

There are lots of scare stories in the media about the chances of getting pregnant over 35. The truth is that two thirds of couples age 35 to 40 can still get pregnant naturally, though it may take quite a lot longer than for younger women. It makes sense to ensure that you are as healthy as you can be and that your body has everything it needs for a healthy conception and pregnancy.

Inadequate diet, intensive food production and processing and the demands of work, may mean that our nutritional needs are not met adequately all of the time. We recommend that all our clients increase their intake of important nutrients during the pre-conception phase, if only as an insurance policy. For women over 35, nutrients which counteract the effects of ‘free radicals’ are also very important: over her lifetime, a woman’s eggs suffer progressive damage from these damaging substances and this is thought to be the main factor influencing egg quality over 35.

Recommended Supplements

To support the nutritional requirements of the body during pre-conception we would recommend including a wide ranging multivitamin, an anti-oxidant formula and build your stores of DHA and EPA Omega 3. We would therefore recommend the following:

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