Postnatal Support Pack

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The more you can keep your body well nourished and nutritionally balanced, the quicker it will heal and the better you will be able to get on top of your new responsibilities and routine.

The Postnatal Support Pack has been designed to provide vital nutrients to support both you and your baby, if deciding to breastfeed. Please note - as our Vitamin D Spray is a 3 month supply, you can choose your pack with or without this product below.

Revital Essence -  includes important nutrients such as Calcium, which is important for the development of baby's bones and teeth, and Vitamin D which helps support continuing cellular growth. We’ve added Choline too, an essential nutrient necessary for the development of healthy cell membranes as well as a broader and more effective range of valuable antioxidants to help support the immune system of both you and your feeding baby. All nutrients in this formula can be passed on to your baby through your milk if you are breastfeeding.

Vital DHA⁠ - Vital DHA provides Omega 3 fatty acids plus a zinc which is vital for cell division after fertilisation. DHA also plays a critical role in the development of a baby’s brain during pregnancy and early infancy, so is recommended to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Vitamin D - It is important for both women and men who are trying to conceive and for women when they are pregnant and postnatal. Deficiency of the vitamin is common amongst the UK population, and the NHS recommends taking a supplement of 400iu per day.  

Lactakalm A mother's milk has its own microbiome, these microbes are transferred to the baby when breastfeeding and can help support the development of their gut health. Lactakalm contains a strain of live bacteria which has been isolated from human breastmilk to support women during breastfeeding. 

  • Helps your body recover after labour
  • Recommended for the first 3 months post-birth, and to support breastfeeding
  • 1 month's supply (Vitamin D 3 months' supply)


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