Female Foundation Fertility Support Pack

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Our baseline supplement recommendations for women looking to support their fertility and a great starting point for those new to Zita West Products. The pack contains Vitafem, Femceive, Vital DHA, Vitamin D Spray and Psyllium Husk. Please note - as our Vitamin D Spray is a 3 month supply, you can choose your pack with or without this product below.

It is vital to ensure that the body has an optimum level of nutrient intake during the preconception stage. During this stage, many factors may affect the length of the preconception period and also the future health of the child. The Zita West Female Fertility Support pack helps to deliver all of the vitamins, minerals and friendly bateria that your body needs.

Vitafem - contains an array of vitamins and minerals which have been researched to support egg quality and hormonal balance. Including 400mg of folic acid in the active form folate for the body to use.  

Femceive⁠ - Femceive is a fertility friendly bacteria supplement that has been specifically formulated to achieve a balanced endometrial-vaginal microbiota and prepare the optimal environment for preconception. Each pot contains 34 capsules which has been specifically formulated to cover an entire fertility cycle.

Psyllium Husk - accompaniment to your daily friendly bacteria supplement. Psyllium Husk helps feed the bacteria to grow and thrive in your gut.

Vital DHA⁠ - the egg cell requires different nutrients for different parts. The outer layer (the cell membrane) requires essential fatty acids Omega 3 and DHA. DHA also helps protect DNA from oxidative damage  as well as to support normal fertility and healthy sperm production. Vital DHA provides Omega 3 fatty acids plus a zinc which is vital for cell division after fertilisation.

Vitamin D - Vitamin D levels can be considered key to egg development, especially for women going through IVF. Our Vitamin D spray is a high dose, daily spray in the form of D3 which is able to more effectively raise vitamin D levels.   

  • Five high quality supplements
  • Specially formulated for females
  • 1 month supply (Vitamin D 3 months' supply)


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