An egg, a sperm & an embryologist

A free webinar with Zita West & Aria Fertility Clinic Director & Embryologist Robert Smith

Join fertility expert Zita West and Aria Fertility Clinic Director & Embryologist Robert Smith in a masterclass discussing how you can improve your chances of IVF success holistically & scientifically.
Throughout the webinar, they will discuss:
  • The Zita West holistic approach
  • Fertility as a whole body event
  • Impact of diet nutrition supplements on egg and sperm health
  • The eggs sperm and embryos after egg collection
  • Fertilisation
  • Implantation
  • Screening embryos
  • Technology to improve IVF outcomes


The webinar will take place on 12th June at 6pm (BST). Plus, at the end of the webinar, there will be a live Q&A with both Zita and Robert. Sign up below!

    About Robert Smith

    We’re thrilled to be joined by Robert Smith, Clinic Director & Embryologist at Aria Fertility. Robert has over 20 years experience as an embryologist with a keen interest in improving IVF success by optimising the embryology environment. Robert has trained in a variety of different areas within reproductive science and more recently, focused greater attention on quality management and the patient experience. He will be sharing his vast knowledge to help set yourself up for IVF success.

    The Zita West Approach

    As a midwife and fertility expert, Zita has helped countless couples along their assisted fertility journey. She will be sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience to equip you with the information you need to help set you up for success.

    Sign up to the webinar below.

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    Free live webinar on Monday 12th June 2023 at 6pm BST (1pm EST) with a Q&A at the end.

    Limited spaces available. Reserve your place now to avoid missing out.

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