Eat Yourself Pregnant: My Favourite Recipes

My research and experience has shown me that good, wholesome food (and supplements as necessary) forms the bedrock of getting your body baby-ready and of making healthy sperm. Over the course of my many years in this field, I have come to the conclusion that micronutrients play a big role in getting pregnant – both naturally and through assisted conception – with deficiencies having significant effects on fertility for both men and women.

However, I also think that couples who want to make a baby need to have treats. Who could live without bread, chocolate, cheese and dairy? Not me! Whether you are just embarking upon trying for a baby, have been trying for a while without success, or have been diagnosed with a fertility problem, I want to reassure you that my philosophy is simple: strict or faddy diets involve too many restrictions – they make what is the most normal and natural thing in the world seem strange and unfamiliar. My focus is on nourishing your body in a positive, sustainable way most of the time – not on challenging you to be 100 per cent perfect. I believe that small changes that are manageable within the context of your everyday life are all that you need. Quite simply, your fertility diet has to fit in with your ‘normal’ life or you won’t be able to keep it up. Small steps can go a long way.

When I was first asked to write Eat Yourself Pregnant, I thought a lot about what happens in consultations at my clinic. I am very aware that many of the issues that come between a couple – just when they need most to be together – relate to lifestyle. I particularly see the contention that can build up around what food and drink lands on the dinner table. I often find that one partner is trying to be too rigid, while the other wants to take a more relaxed approach. I think everyone can be happy – and that the resulting togetherness can only mean that you create more chances of making a baby.

Here are a few of my favourite recipes from the book:

    Fertility Boosting Granola

    Fertility Pizza

    Courgette Chocolate Brownies Recipe

    Eat yourself pregnant

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