Eat Yourself Pregnant


More and more couples these days are interested in natural ways to improve their fertility, and having a good diet is one of the most important ways in which you can help make a difference. In this full-colour cook-book, Zita shows you 80 tasty and easy to prepare recipes that are packed full of all the most important nutrients your body needs to prepare for a successful pregnancy. 

Egg and sperm are cells like any others in the human body, yet how they are nourished and looked after is largely ignored. Considering that they have the most important job of all – continuing the species – this may be something of an oversight! The maturing egg, sperm, womb lining and foetus depend upon nutrients for development. If the diet contains too many environmental endocrine-disrupting chemicals – like trans-fats, refined sugars, or excess additives – or is depleted of nutrients, then research shows an individual’s fertility can be significantly affected.

Part 1 of the book will show you how to assess your fertility. Next there is a detox plan to cleanse your body of chemicals that can prevent conception, and prepare your body; followed by a 10-week fertility-boosting programme. Zita ensures that the vital nutrients are all included: especially magnesium, zinc, selenium and manganese. She also includes notes for both men as well as women, and for those trying for a baby later in life, or with specific problems, such as PCOS, endometriosis and fibroids.

Part 2 contains 80 mouth-watering recipes, all designed to be easily incorporated into a busy life. Try Indonesian Chicken with Buckwheat Noodles, Chilli-Glazed Salmon with Cucumber Lime Salad or Molasses Ginger Cookies. See the authors favourite recipes here.

All the recipes in Eat Yourself Pregnant are delicious and all go a long way to help you to realise your dream of having a baby.

  • Shows how to assess yours and your partners fertility potential
  • Nutritional tips and advice
  • Fertility detox cleanse to prepare your body for conception
  • Q&A section of common nutritional questions

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